What We Do


Surf Lifesaving is at the core of why we exist and our purpose. At Nobby's Beach SLSC, we have a key focus on ensuring that all visitors to our beach stay safe whilst we are on patrol.


Nippers is a key area at Nobby's Beach SLSC ensuring that our kids are provided the education, skills and abilities to be confident in the surf and be able to utilise this knowledge to their advantage when in the water.


At Nobby's Beach SLSC, we have a specialised coaching team that provides opportunities for members stay fit, active and promote healthy habits across a range of surf sports disciplines.

Youth Aussies - Copy.png

Youth Development

Young people are the future of surf lifesaving. A number of internal and external programs exist, along with events, and other opportunities for our youth to make friends and enjoy all surf lifesaving has to offer.



As a not-for-profit charity, fundraising is vital to the success of our ongoing operation. Throughout the year, the club participates in many initiatives including Support Our Savers Week (SOS), Summer Surf Program, as well as coordinating Golf Day’s, Race Day's and community other events.


Community Engagement

As an charitable organisation, our object is to provide for the community. In addition to patrolling services, Nobby's Beach SLSC has strong relationships with other community organisations as well as supporting the local community through initiatives such as the Beach Access Matting (pictured).