Beach Access Wheelchair & Access Matting 

Nobby's Beach SLSC has Beach Access Wheelchairs available for use at selected times as well as Beach Access Matting. This beach access equipment was donated to our club by the City of Gold Coast as part of their beach access program, to make beaches more accessible for everyone. Albatross Nippers Inc. has also kindly loaned their 'SandCruiser' chair for use in conjunction with the equipment donated by the City.

Equipment available for use

  • 'WaterWheels' Floating Beach Access Wheelchair

  • 'SandCruiser' Beach Access Wheelchair

  • AccessMat Beach Accessibility Matting

This equipment is available for use on weekends over the summer patrolling season (September - April).

Outside of these times, the chairs may be able to be used at selected pre-organised times after consultation with the club. Due to the time associated with set up, as of June 2018, the matting is unable to be used outside of the patrolling season. At least 48 hours notice is required for consideration of use outside of regular times.

Contact the club on (07) 5526 1117 or fill out the form below for further information.

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(Please note, the beach wheelchairs do not need the matting to function)