Social Media Promotion Opportunity

Social Media Promotion
Video Opportunity

SLSQ are looking for members who can star in a short social media advert to promote next season’snipper sign on period.
No acting experience required Filming South Gold Coast TBC
First or Second week August (one weekday morning for 1-3 hours) TBC All minors must be accompanied by a parent or guardian

What will be required
Walking or jogging along the beach (there will be voice overs going along with your footage)
Mother and Father tie noddy cap onto little boy/girl and the little boy/girl runs onto the beach We are also looking for people do voice overs in the video stating a sentence each.

Looking for the following people to fit this description
55+ years old (Male) 45-55 years old (Male)
35-45 years old (Female)
25-35 years old (Male or Female) 16 - 19 years old (Male or Female) 5-7 years old (boy or girl)
Mother Father
Please email along with the following:
A photo of yourself
Your name, club and contact number Please state one of the following
- I’m interested to only be an actor
- I’m interested to only do voice over
- I’m interested to act and do voice over
Please note this is a fictional promotional video. We would prefer to feature our members, however if we are unable to fill all of the roles we will use volunteer actors.