Age Groups

A nipper must be 5 as at the 1st of October, to participate as an Under 6. The maximum age is 13 as at the 1st of October to participate as an Under 14. Use the table below to calculate your child's age category:

Age Group Cap Colour Reference

Each age group has a different cap colour to identification purposes on nipper Sunday's. The Nobby's Beach SLSC club cap is used in any inter-club competitions.



Preliminary Skills Evaluation Requirements
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Preliminary Skills Evaluation Process
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Pool Evaluation:
Every junior member is required to participate in the pool evaluation prior to any junior activities being undertaken and must be completed before any water activity is undertaken.

Competency Beach Evaluation:
All junior activities members must complete the competency beach evaluation (run-swim-run) prior to undertaking any water based activity. This ensures all children can demonstrate a standard of competence to enable preliminary levels of survival skills at a beach with conditions similar to what would be experienced during weekly junior activities programs. This is an SLSQ standard.

Competition Evaluation:
From the age of 7 (U8) juniors may begin to compete in inter‐club and intra-club competition. To ensure all junior members who wish to compete have the ability, strength, and fitness standard to complete the course, they must be able to complete the junior competition evaluation for their age group. The junior competition evaluation is based on the swim competition distances as set out in the current SLSA Surf Sports Manual for that age group and is a standard in the form of an open water swim. Individual branches may have a higher standard for their competition evaluation.

*from the SLSQ Junior Activities Manual