On its surface, the Albatross Nippers program is designed to allow children with special needs to experience surf lifesaving and essentially what it is to be a nipper on the Gold Coast. But the benefits are far greater than that.

 Albatross Nippers at Nobby's Beach Surf Life Saving Club

Albatross Nippers at Nobby's Beach Surf Life Saving Club

how to become an albatross nipper!

step 1 

Fill out Albatross Nippers Application

step 2

Fill out SLSA Membership Form

step 3

Complete the T's & C's Form

step 4

Complete the Special Needs Parent Form

step 5



albatross nippers 2017/2018 season dates!


Sunday October 15th 

Sunday November 12th

Sunday December 3rd

Sunday January 14th

Sunday February 11th

Sunday March 25th 


8am registration for an 8:30am start, NO COST!!

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What makes Albatross Nippers Unique?

Now in its fourth Summer Nipper season, the Albatross Nippers has been able to better connect people with disabilities to the greater surf lifesaving and local community. Something that up until recently wasn’t able to be achieved. 

Unlike other beach based special needs programs, the Albatross Nippers is not held on a special day, at a special time, at a special beach. Its conducted within the Nobby's Beach Sunday Nipper program. While this inclusivity is amazing for the children, it’s invaluable for the local community volunteers, and families.


For more information, galleries and Albatross Nipper day dates, check out the Albatross Nippers Site.