Junior Activities Profiles

Meet the 2017/2018 Junior Activities Committee

  JAC Chairman   Grant Mills

JAC Chairman 
Grant Mills

  Deputy Chairman  Jason Cunningham

Deputy Chairman
Jason Cunningham

  Secretary  Shaun Roberts

Shaun Roberts

  Treasurer  Kathryn Sawoniewski

Kathryn Sawoniewski

  Registrar  Cath Partridge

Cath Partridge

  Awards Officer  Simone Smith

Awards Officer
Simone Smith

  Education Officer  Maggie Mills

Education Officer
Maggie Mills

  Recorder  Shaun Roberts

Shaun Roberts

  Team Manager U8-U10   Paul Sawoniewski

Team Manager U8-U10
Paul Sawoniewski

  Chief Water Safety  Nathan Partridge

Chief Water Safety
Nathan Partridge

  Committee Liaison  Edwina Roberts  

Committee Liaison
Edwina Roberts 

  Beach Captain  Ben Milham

Beach Captain
Ben Milham

  Uniform Officer  Jackie Morris

Uniform Officer
Jackie Morris

  Carnival Coordinator  Kathryn Sawoniewski

Carnival Coordinator
Kathryn Sawoniewski

  Website/Social Media  Katrina Mallett

Website/Social Media
Katrina Mallett

  Gear Steward  Dean Barrie

Gear Steward
Dean Barrie

  Website/Social Media  Shannon Hartill-Law

Website/Social Media
Shannon Hartill-Law

age managers 

Refer to the Nipper Handbook to see the Age Managers for the 2017/2018 Season!