How Parents Can Help

On Nippers days

  • Volunteer for beach set up and pack up of activity stations.
  • Assist the Age Manager with Nipper sign on/off.
  • Assist the Age Manager with head counts during water activities.
  • Volunteer on the BBQ: Set up; cooking; serving; pack up.
  • Volunteer to sell raffle tickets.

Other ways to help

  • Volunteer to work on scheduled fundraising BBQ stalls.
  • Nominate to be a committee member or Age Manager at the Annual Meeting of the Junior Activities Committee.
  • Volunteer to help with the end of season / pre-season club clean up.
  • Complete the Surf Rescue Certificate (SRC) or Bronze Medallion to assist as Water Safety and Patrolling Member.
  • Complete the Carnival Officials course to assist at carnivals.

Please complete and return the parent involvement form to your child's age group liaison officer.