Health Insurance

Save money and nominate Nobby’s Beach SLSC for a recurring donation when you join Australian Unity health insurance through Goodwill Bills.

7.5% member discount on health insurance*

Nobby’s Beach SLSC receives 3% of the premiums you pay


Australian Unity is a company founded on social values and community contribution. Established in response to unmet community needs in 1840, we continue to identify and help solve the health and financial needs of the broader community. initiatives include our Wellbeing Index, Financial Inclusion Action Plan and Reconciliation Action Plan.

Support our Youth

Help Support the Next Generation of Surf Lifesavers

100% of Goodwill Bill donations go directly to supporting our up-and-coming youth community leaders with leadership development opportunities locally and within the state.

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$100 Naked Wines voucher

For every new registration. Limited offer.

Applies to new accounts registered via Goodwill Bills nominating Nobby’s Beach SLSC as the recipient charity.

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Goodwill Bills partners with everyday service providers to redirect the commissions that often go to brokers and agents to community organisations and their members.
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