Surf Lifesaving Overview

Nobby's Beach Surf Lifesaving Club volunteer lifesavers patrol Nobby Beach each weekend and public holidays over the Summer period (September - April). This is the primary purpose of the Club's existence. 

Patrolling at Nobby’s Beach SLSC is a great experience provides opportunities to expand your knowledge and education as well as being able to give back to the local community through volunteering. Each patrol requires members with varying qualifications in order to function. Members can obtain these qualifications through Courses and Awards conducted by the Club, branch or Surf Life Saving Queensland.

Surf Life Saving management

Lifesaving Committee
The Club's lifesaving services are managed by the Lifesaving Committee which is responsible for planning and coordinating lifesaving operations and making recommendation to the Management Committee relating to lifesaving. Education activities are coordinated by the Education Committee which operates supplementary to the Lifesaving Committee's composition.

  • Club Captain - Shaun Hourigan (chair)

  • Club Vice-Captain - Matthew Jedra

  • Chief Training Officer - Peter Gabbert

  • IRB Officer - Brenden Scoffell

  • First Aid Officer - Paul Keighley

  • Communications Officer - Patrick McCue

  • Gear & Equipment Officer - Neil Martin

  • Patrol Captains


Patrol Captains

  • Group 1 - Patrick McCue

  • Group 2 - Ryan Black

  • Group 3 - Matthew Jedra/Steve Mitchell

  • Group 4 - Stephen Carr

  • Group 5 - Jonathon Simon

  • Group 6 - Gino Tumni

  • Group 7 - Neil Martin

  • Group 8 - Liam Sessarago

  • Group 9 - Dru Burge

How can I become a patrolling member?

The first step in becoming a Nobby's Beach SLSC patrolling member is to complete your Bronze Medallion.

Contact Us to enquire about becoming a patrolling member today!