Surf Sports is one of the core components of the surf lifesaving movement. Nobby’s Beach SLSC provides our Juniors, Seniors and Masters with the opportunity to take part in surf sports training over a range of different disciplines to instil, nurture and improve the skills required to compete under the Nobby’s Beach SLSC cap at competition carnivals.

Surf Sport disciplines include swimming, craft (board and ski paddling) and beach events as well as surf rescue events, pool rescue events, surf board riding, surf boat racing and IRB racing. Whatever the discipline, surf sports competition provides an opportunity for members to be active, healthy and improve their fitness whilst also improving core lifesaving skills vital to the keeping Nobby’s Beach safe for all those who visit.


Although not a requirement to be able to train in the Nobby’s squad, surf sports competitions (carnivals) are a great way for competitors to test their skills and ability. Carnivals generally take place on weekends throughout the season. Competitors represent Nobby’s Beach SLSC at these carnivals and compete against other surf clubs in the branch, state or nation in a variety of individual and team events.

All nippers competing in carnivals must have completed their competition evaluation in addition to proficiency and pool swim.


Officials, First Aid and Carnival Support

For Nobby’s members to compete in carnivals, the club will often have to supply one or more accredited surf sports officials and in some instances first aiders.

If we do not supply the required amount of officials, we cannot compete!

For junior carnivals specifically, each age group should aim to have at least one accredited official. This allows the club to ‘share the load’ and ensure sustainability into the future. Introductory official’s courses are run periodically throughout the season by branch and SLSQ. To become an official please contact administration or age manager (if nippers).
In addition to officials, the club requires assistance in carnival logistics such as transporting boards, equipment and putting up shade tents.

Competition Calendar

The first draft of the 2017/2018 season competition calendar has been released. Please note SLSQ will make revisions to this calendar closer to the beginning of the season.

2017/2018 - SLSQ Surf Sports Calendar

To stay up to date with all surf sports related training info, if you are a member please join the Nobby’s Beach SLSC Surf Sports Training Group on Facebook. For any further enquiries, please contact Nobby’s Beach Surf Sports Officer John Buckley at surfsports@nobbysbeachslsc.com.