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Child and Youth Risk Management Strategy (CYRMS)

SLSQ recognises that the identification and management of risks of harm to children and young people is essential to the creation of a safe and supportive Surf Life Saving environment. Nobby's Beach SLSC is committed to providing and promoting safe environments for children and youth.

The Child and Youth Risk Management Strategy (CYRMS) provides the framework to which Nobby's Beach SLSC (as a SLSQ entity) can meet the legislative requirements and comply with the State Government’s Working with Children (Risk Management and Screening) Act 2000. The strategy helps to ensure the organisation is providing a safe and supportive service environment for children and young people, by identifying and minimising risks.

The strategy incorporates a number of component which are utilised to create a safe environment and ensure it remains safe. Screening employees and volunteers through the blue card system is part of the strategy.

Flowchart for Reporting Child Youth Protection Complaint

All members must:

  • Remember that the welfare of the child or children is always of paramount importance.

  • Know the policies, complaint processes and guidelines under 6.05 SLSA Member Protection Policy and how they apply to you.

  • Understand and commit to SLSQ Member Code of Conduct.

  • Understand how the child protection legislation in Queensland affects you.

Members can view more information about the Nobby's Beach SLSC CYRMS on the club noticeboard or on the SLSQ App.

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As a affiliate of the South Coast Branch, Surf Life Saving Queensland and Surf Life Saving Australia, the Club agrees to adopt and enforce all organisational wide policies.


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As noted above, these policies are adopted as policies of the club through affiliation with governing bodies. These (and others) can also be found on the SLSQ App and SLSA Members Area. Some policies which are particularly relevant are linked below.

Further policies, templates and updates will be posted as they become available.